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Actually, Zelda just beat Mario this quarter, and now Zelda is only behind Mario by a little.

Maybe this is just an exception, but if this keeps up Zelda may indeed pass Mario back up eventually. Kinda funny that so many people are saying this is impossible, and now Nintendo just revealed Zelda performed better than Mario recently lol

Mario slowed down a lot in that quarter. So either Zelda needs to slow down, or Mario needs to pick it up again soon.

friendlyfamine said: 
tbone51 said: 

SMO is at 9.07mil years end and BotW is at over 8.5mil years end. They are close (2017). 


Smo will win but botw is ironically doing well. Ita just smo is killing it. When you look at things in a better light even if SMO beats BoTW because 3D mario > Zelda... BotW can possibly outsell every 3D mario game to date (excluding Smo)

You people are heavily overstating BOTW. When more games release on the Switch, its legs will fall off. Heck, can the game even beat Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? The game isn't new; still charted better than both games in the most recent European weekly without holiday season legs. BOTW has been doing better than SMO 3 weeks in a row in Japan, but this is by a few hundreds of units, so I don't think it's surpassing SMO there either.

More games already released and Zelda’s legs still haven’t fallen off, and Zelda just outperformed Mario this quarter. Mario is slowing down and Zelda isn’t as far. 

Last edited by Roar_Of_War - on 04 May 2018