Was setting up the diaplay in my den, and just felt like sharing.




Some notable items in the collection include at least one stand alone physical copy of every game canon to the official timeline (I keep the most recent version on display, like wind Waker HD or even Zelda 1 and 2 ports for GBA for example).


At least one copy of every Zelda spin off physically released in english (including Tingle Rosey Ruppeeland, CDi trilogy, TV series, Hyrule Warriors, Links Crossbow Training, Game and Watch, etc).


All officially licensed manga translted to english.


All three canon lore books (Encyclopedia being the third is preordered and not present yet)


All six Valiant Comics.


Every amiibo.


Breath if the Wild Master edition statue and goodies.


Hyrule Shield and two master sword replicas (one stainless steel, the other carbon steel, both sharp).


And various other books and neat things added to the collection.


Anyway what do you guys think?  If you have any questions feel free to ask and I hope you enjoyed me showing off a little bit!

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