JRPGfan said:
Feels like Sony actually Listens to fan wants..... they might not "actively" be on twitter talking to people, but they are in the know about fans wants/needs.

MS might have alot of people on twitter talking to fans, telling them "we listen" "we know" "we ll work on it" ect, but it just doesnt show, often it comes off as Empty PR.

Nintendo? they go out of their way to ignore fans.
They do it there way, and fans can either like it, or not.

I think this is a bit of an exaggeration.

Why did Zelda: Twilight Princess came about? Because fans complained about Wind Waker not being the 3D Zelda game they were hoping for from the tech demo they saw when the GameCube was revealed.

Why did Breath of the Wild came about? Partly because of feedback from fans in regards to the linearity of Skyward Sword.

Even after many years of region locking, Nintendo allowed the Switch to be region free.

Nintendo rewarded early 3DS adopters with the ambassador program after cutting the price significantly in 2012 and sales improved, not to mention having help from great software.

You also got the Smash Bros. Ballot, which I'm sure you know what this means in regards to fan feedback.

Those are some examples of them utilizing feedback or at least showing they have listened.