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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Just looking at previous sales (according to the numbers on this site).

KH 6.4m
KH2 4.3m

GoW 4.5m
GoW2 4.1m
GoW3 4.8m

The first Kingdom Hearts was the most popular, but they are roughly in the same ballpark on the other games. I think I've got to give it to KH3, but it would be pretty close.

Except that GoW will easily beat the other games of the series by far (already above 3M, surely around 4M?). For now, I don't see KH3 doing a lot more than the previous one. The story seems so complicated and impossible to understand for new players, that I'm not sure it can expand its players base. And it doesn't have that much hype for now either...


So far, I'll go with GoW. Even with One and Switch. 

Last edited by Faelco - on 03 May 2018