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So I just saw a trailer for it, and I thought.... wow this actually looks good.
Im kinda surprised by how little marketing theres been for it, I suspect few have heard of it, when I could see this being a smash hit.


What is Trailblazers?
Well from what I can tell, its a  kart racer in a wipeout style, thats got a splatoon like "colouring" element, and a art style like boarderlands (steampunk).

Sounds fun right?
Theres co-op online multiplayer/rankings, and thus strategic elements in it (you run faster on your colours, and you paint the track when you run over it). Thus it "can" pay off to play the tracks sub optimally (longer routes/slower routes) if the other team hasnt bothered to deal with your "paint".

A co-op team based racer, with strategy elements..... how often do you see that?  Its fresh.

It looks beautiful too imo.


Obviously Nintendo has Mario Kart..... but PS4 & XB1 have been missing something like this, havnt they?
Could this be a big hit? or will poor marketing keep it down?

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 02 May 2018