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KLXVER said:
Vodacixi said:

Ok, just to clarify: I never said their plan was flaweless or even that I liked the plan. I'm just explaining why it makes sense to Nintendo.

That's why cardboard is such a great option: it's cheap as fuck. Even if Labo fails... they won't loose much, at least in terms of materials xD

Mario can be the entry point, it has been for many generations and it worked great. So was Nintendogs. And Wii Sports. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Meh, those were just a one hit thing, no one cares anymore". And while you're correct... they still got people into Nintendo. And from Nintendogs they went to Mario. And from Mario they went to Pokémon. And so on. Labo can do the same thing and even better because, as I said, it's a toy. And many parents and many kids at very young ages prefer toys rather than videogames.

So parents are really willing to spend 380$ on a cardboard toy? I know kids can be noisy and you just want some peace for once, but for Christ sake.

You can say that about any game though. Kids bought a GC, got Resident Evil 4 and then moved on to Mario and Zelda. Theres no way to disprove that either. Do Nintendo really need to try and get the parents who don't care for video games to buy their console? Is that really a market worth going after when you have millions of gamers fucking crying when you reveal the new Smash Bros? How about you try and go after people who knows and loves video games instead of these potential buyers? 

Maybe parents already have a Switch for themselves but don't want to give their children videogames so early and Labo seems a good solution to them. Maybe they are rich and 400 dollars is nothing to them. Maybe Nintendo is overconfident... I DON'T KNOW.

Em... I'm pretty sure not many kids started with RE 4. And if they did, they had terrible parents xD

Because we (the longtime fans) will not buy Nintendo forever. It's all about the children for Nintendo. They grow with their brands, they become attached to them and they continue to buy them over the years. But one day, they become old and they don't have interest in videogames anymore, or at the very least, the interest decrease drammatically. So... they need to keep their core fans happy for as long as they can, and at the same time, continue to attract kids to continue the cycle. And since kids nowadays are exposed to so many different products... a new videogame of their most famous character may not be enough. They need to keep creating new things to attract kids. Labo is the result. If it works or not... I really don't know. We'll see...