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KLXVER said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

Thing is, they're still making Mario and Zelda...things like Labo will not prevent them from doing so. Nothing wrong with coming out with something quirky to POSSIBLY pique potential customers interest. It's what they did the with the Wii and it printed money for years, DS as well. Heck, Switch is pretty quirky in its own right and doing extremely well and loved by gamers. Nintendo is going to do them, that's what they do and they won't ever apologize for it. 

Yeah, I'm sure Labo and 1 2 Switch are just as big of a reason to why the Switch is a beloved console as Mario Odyssey and BOTW...

They can still make games like Mario, Zelda and a few others, but because of these non games we wont see a new big IP like them. 

Just imagine if Nintendo only focused on making games for gamers. Every year would be like 2017. I get excited just thinking about it. But instead we`ll get a 2017 like year maybe every 10 years if we are very lucky and some kinda big years every now and then in between. Its just a bit frustrating when imagining what could have been. 

Never said Labo or 1-2 Switch are the reason Switch is loved by gamers, so moot.

Rumor has it Zelda was over 100 million in development costs, we also know it took 5-6 years to develop. You're not getting BOTW or Odyssey every 1-2 years. Nothing wrong with them filling in the gaps with software that use the hardware in different ways. Just because it doesn't appeal to YOU doesn't mean they shouldn't do it.