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KLXVER said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:
I love how some gamers call for Nintendo to drive in a straight line and not veer off the beaten path. Nintendo has innovated since the beginning, it's part of their DNA. Not everything has been a runaway smash, but at times they've succeeded at introducing new ways to play video games. The whining about Labo being cardboard is getting old. Not sure if people feel as though Nintendo should've shipped fiberglass, stainless steel, hard plastic etc; with Labo instead of cardboard...

I also find the narrative of Labo software being low rent trash amusing as well. Just from watching various videos of users playing Labo, there are several intricate pieces included in things such as the robot, piano, fishing rod that interact withthe joycons and software. Some time and thought went into this, Nintendo didn't just pull Labo out of their ass and say "here you go, here's some $80 broken down shipping boxes to play with".

How much innovation do you need? Whenever I play a new 3D Mario or Zelda I always go "Wow, that's awesome. Never seen that before. What a clever way to use that mechanic" etc... They have lots of unique ideas and innovation. Games like Labo and 1 2 Switch are one trick ponies. I mean where is the next Wii Sports? The Next Nintendogs? The next Wii Fit? The next Brain Age? People don't give a shit about them anymore. What do they give a shit about? Traditional games like Mario and Zelda.

Thing is, they're still making Mario and Zelda...things like Labo will not prevent them from doing so. Nothing wrong with coming out with something quirky to POSSIBLY pique potential customers interest. It's what they did the with the Wii and it printed money for years, DS as well. Heck, Switch is pretty quirky in its own right and doing extremely well and loved by gamers. Nintendo is going to do them, that's what they do and they won't ever apologize for it.