I've always owned pretty much every console on the market since the 6th gen.

For me, it always went like this:
-Exclusives for each console (of course)
-Best version available of the hardware I own.
-If there's no performance difference, get the Xbox version.
-Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, etc. (Certain games that just "feel right" on PlayStation) get the PlayStation version.
-If it's a good port, get the Switch version in addition to whichever version is the best version.

Last gen, I almost always got the Xbox 360 version of multiplats. This gen, I got the PS version-- up until the Xbox One X released. Now, I get that version. If there's exclusive DLC, that makes a difference too. I always go digital and, more often than not, if a game is on sale for one console, it's on sale for the other at the same time or soon after.

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