So guys, this was something that was crossing my mind. I myself have multiple platforms, but when multiplats are released I tend to have a preference for one console over an other. I try to get games for the PlayStation console unless there are certain exceptions. In any case here are some possible scenarios I can think of:

  1. Brand loyalty - Choose the console that is mainly in your brand of choice
  2. Performance - Choose the best looking/performing version of the game
  3. Price/Availability - Choose whichever one you can find/the one that is the cheapest
  4. Genre - Some people prefer controllers for some genres while KB+M for others which would affect their decision
  5. Exclusive content - Choose the version that has the most content/has a special edition, etc.
So, those are the ones that I can think of. As I said, I tend to go with #1 personally as I like going with the PS4 version of games, though #3 can also have an impact along with #5. I was just curious on how you guys decided which console to get your games for!