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JRPGfan said:

and apparently didnt sell well...


The know says it "flopped" and it was a "failure", selling less than 30% of its shipments in japan. 

(they shipped 90k vararity kit + 29k robo kit)

Thats like a total of 119k units shipped in japan, and less than 30% means less than 35,700 units sold of it there.
Origami is probably bigger in japan than anywhere else in the world.... so Im not expecting insane sales anywhere else for it.

Also claim that the Labo software didnt move any switch units, switch sales where lower that week than prior/expected.


*** edit:
My opinion was always that it looked like cheesy shovelware level software..... Not sure why people where so hyped up on this.

The market has spoken! Into the recycle bin this goes!