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JRPGfan said:
Ulternia said:
This probably affected 50 people max. If you didn’t buy the game within its first four years, you weren’t going to get it on a dead console. And if you were just buying it at a discounted price just to spite the developers for porting, maybe you should be worried more about your own scruples instead of Nintendo’s.

That just makes it worse.....

Why bother if it only effects 50 people? potentially selling 50 copies at 20$ instead of maybe 50 x 60$.... its small change for nintendo.

Its not worth the backlash and bad PR this causes.

You need to look at it from a business perspective. If people see it’s available currently for $20 for a brand new copy, then you’re going to lose hundreds of early adopters. Those early adopters are the most important because they’re paying the most and doing everything a Port is intended to do - recoup money for a studio who took a chance on a less successful console. If you want it digitally for $20, you can just wait another year or two when it’s sure to be discounted on Switch. 


I’m not seeing where the detriment is. If you really want Tropical Freeze for Wii U, you can get a new copy for $20 from most major retailers or a used copy for $10. Nintendo just isn’t producing anymore, be it digital or physical, for Wii U at a discounted price because it undercuts the asking price for the Switch version. 

V-r0cK said:
I know other publishers have usually given a notice or announcement before taking any of their games down so I think it would've been nice if Nintendo did the same.

I think there was enough of an advanced notice. They stopped production of the Wii U, discontinued physical copies a year ago and announced a different version for a new console almost two months ago. There’s no reason it needs to be up for sale for the Wii U at this point.