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KLAMarine said:
deskpro2k3 said:


OK first of all. Who is he to say what a ND game should be like and a hack & slash game should be like?

A guy who buys and plays games and is also entitled to his own opinion?

deskpro2k3 said:

Ever heard of Way of the Warrior, from ND.

No but of what relevance is this game?

deskpro2k3 said:

Going by your OP, yes he complained about GOW cutscenes, but as I said above I've heard he likes MGS.

I believe he does like MGS but is it impossible to like a game or franchise but still have complaints about it?


Is making cinematic games an intellectual property of Naughty Dog?

No. What are you getting at?


Its dumb to say cinematic is fine in 1 game and not the other, because reasons.

Who's saying this?


As for the God of War hatred, you can see it in his God of War 4 rant. He doesn't know shit about the games

What do you feel he got wrong about the God of War games?


just whizzed past the older games on the easiest difficulty and didn't pay attention to the variety on offer as he does with Japanese hack and slash games.

You saying this is how he played the GoW games? How do you know this?


He is a douchebag.

Uncalled for.

You can't criticise one dev of doing the same thing you love another dev for and that's what TGBS is doing. Its apparent from all his other videos that he hates older God of War games and he continues to hate on the series to this day, just finds some reason for it. His analysis of the combat in previous games is misleading, like he only played them on easy mofde going over all the nuances. The fact he says God of War is a hack and slash game for kids in his God of War 4 rant two years ago shows that he is full of crap. I'll call him for what he is, a douchebag.

I say this as someone who enjoys his Devil May Cry 3 analysis. Those are on point. His bias clouds his judgement here and his video on Ratchet and Clank on PS4 not being as good as the first, yeah not sure if he understands that 60fps doesn't necessarily make a game better to play than 30fps when that 30fps game has tighter mechanics. He is eloquent but dumb, though he shows hints of intelligence every once in a while.