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thismeintiel said:

The Pro was called a 4K console but it doesn't have any 4K game that's not a sports game and 7th gen games. The difference between PS4 and Pro's GPU is not enough for what it was supposed to offer and CPU is a small increase in frequency. The memory bandwidth is the same and the RAM is the same. Its why  higher resolution games have the same textures as PS4 but on One X they have 4K textures. Waiting for 1 year at $400 would have made a better console.

You should see the PR side as well. The Pro didn't deliver what it promised and has a bad image but One X has a positive image. Its why there is any talk of One X outselling PS4 Pro at all and if PS4 Pro had the power of the X it would have sold more at $500. Its the reason I haven't bought a Pro, though I would like to play Infamous: Second Son and God of War at 60fps. Sony failed to support it themselves, no reason why God of War 3 Remastered doesn't run at 4K60fps on PS4 Pro and Driveclub didn't get Pro support.

Sony never promised that all games would run at 4K on the Pro. Hell, they showed off checkerboard rendering at the reveal. Like I said, there's a reason Sony is selling at $399 and making a profit, while MS sold at $499 and supposedly sold at a loss. The Pro is supposed to just be a mid-gen upgrade, not a leap in a gen. MS, on the other hand, had nothing they could do but push for a more powerful machine. They sure as hell couldn't have released something on par with the Pro. But, even with that power, it still can't run all games at 4K, so maybe it was half-hearted, too?

Of course, there are two things that make your point moot. One, that power isn't helping MS that much. Sure, it's up YOY for several months, at least for NPD. However, that's compared to last year, where it was down YOY from 2016. And most of the push is coming from a S that needs to be $70+ cheaper than the PS4 to push those numbers. And two, the PS5 is going to be here in 1 1/2 - 2 years to put both of them to shame. At which point, crossgen games will probably drop below 4K on X even more. Why was it so half-hearted? 

PS4 Pro's GPU can't run most games at even checkerboard 4K. Most games are checkerboard 1440p to 1800p. The GPU upgrade was tiny for a 4x increase in resolution. The CPU upgrade was tiny for performance in games. The RAM wasn't upgraded to make room for high resolution textures. Memory bandwidth is low.