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Zkuq said:
Shooters are, for the most part, absolutely awful without a mouse. Games like Uncharted manage to get a pretty decent feeling even with a controller, but then again, Uncharted also has a lot of other stuff that makes playing the games enjoyable.

Oh, in case you couldn't guess it, I play my shooters with a mouse and keyboard. Generally, they're just not enjoyable at all otherwise.

Basically FPS/TPS designed for consoles have an aim assist feature that offsets the lack of precision fo the controlles, so the aim will adjust for your target so you don't need to micromanage it, whereas the PC version don't come with such feature, which makes the controller gameplay on PC much worse than the console.

VGPolyglot said:
CuCabeludo said:

Yet there is no reason for that. Console FPS,in order to offset the lack of precision of controllers, is designed with an aim assist feature.

Usually the PC version won't come with this aim assist feature, which let you in a terrble situation: the controller gameplay will feel much, much worse and crippled than the console version.

Not all FPS games have mouselook though, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D for example. I know that it kind of a shift, but some people may have gotten used to playing FPS games on a controller and prefer using it even on PC games.

Consoles version of Doom has aim assist, but has the option to turn it off. Which is just a terrible idea, mainly for nightmare.

Last edited by CuCabeludo - on 28 April 2018