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All I can say is..... HA!

The Daily Mail acted as the mouthpiece for the pro-Brexit print media is now freaking out over the consequences of the success of the very thing they supported:

"EU must be joking! Brussels wants British holidaymakers to pay £6 visa fee when they visit one of 27 European nations after Brexit

British holidaymakers will be hit with a £6 fee when they travel to the EU after Brexit under plans drawn up by the bloc.

Approved visas will remain valid for three years or until the passport used during the registration process expires. They can be revoked if new alerts about a traveller arise. 

They will be required to provide personal details and information about their recent movements in order to enter the EU.

And they will also be obliged to answer questions about any criminal history.

The plan, which was signed off by EU ambassadors yesterday, will fuel concerns about how the UK and the EU will reach agreement on a highly contentious deal on cross-border travel after Brexit.

The entrance fee has been proposed as part of the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, which the EU insists is primarily a way of cutting down on illegal immigration and tracking criminals."


"Cake!" *munch, num, MUNCH* "What the fuck!? I wanted that cake as a decoration! What do you mean I have to PAAAY for another?! BULLSHIT."

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