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Kerotan said:

Any tech heads out there know if this technology is any closer to being used in a ps4? I believe Sony won't release a ps4 super slim or pro slim until they can use the 7nm tech. 


Also let's say ps5 is out in 2.5 years. Will that use 7nm aswell or can they go lower? 

AMD will only come out next year with 7nm chips, only having some test chips right now. But for a console next year would still be too soon because the low yield rates in the beginning of a node production makes them more expensive early on than the previous, bigger node and chips.

So a superslim in 7nm may come (and I'm pretty sure it will come), but not before 2020. Probably trimmed down as usual with connections and other parts to make it cheaper to produce, so it could be sold for 199$ or even somewhat less.

PS5 certainly will also use a 7nm process, otherwise the chip will get too big, hence too hot and too expensive. Which is the main reason why I don't believe any rumors of any earlier release than 2020 for that one.