Kerotan said:
BraLoD said:
The boost will be longer rather than bigger

Just like the last of us. A lot of people over a 2 year period would have bought a ps3 or ps4 to play tlou. Same will happen here. 

Yes, thats true!

RidingMower said:
+Xbox owners buying a PS4.
+Original vanilla PS4 owners upgrading to the PRO model.
+Friends/Family recommending PS4
+Press and the amazing popularity of PS4

God of War has got a hot streak going right now for the PS4. The sales are booming, with people eagerly anticipating on playing this game. It will do over 400k I predict.

400k is high (without japan), but possible :)

DialgaMarine said:
Possible. I have a good feeling it’s going to push a lot of units in the US and EU.

thats interesting, because In America and UK-the game was already sold out in some stores.

what does the ps4-market in china (or south korea) actually look like? I think games with "weapons/blood" may not appear there - or i'am wrong? i dont know.

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