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JamesGarret said:
curl-6 said:

For all its flaws, Xenoblade 2 was a good game, and it's always nice to see games that aren't E-rated mascot titles succeed on Nintendo platforms, demonstrating that there is an audience for this kind of more serious affair.

Previous Xenoblade games were held back in sales by releasing on dying platforms and in the case of the first game being late and a limited release in America.

There's also the "Switch factor"; a lot of games seem to be selling much better on the Switch than their counterparts on previous Nintendo platforms. Kirby is another good example of this.

What are the biggest flaws of this game, in your opinion?

I love Xenoblade 2  but it is a very flawed game. 


- The lack of a unified world map

- The issues with glitches and objects you can just phase right through. 

- The  various quality of life issues they have and haven't addressed via the updates. Such as the lack of substantial item management filters at launch. 

- Various large and unused areas along with small areas.

It is a great game but the rush to get it out of the door is evident.

Last edited by NoirSon - on 27 April 2018