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shadowii said:
Full translated breifing

Thanks.  I love looking at this stuff.  

It's fascinating to me that Kirby is doing so much better than the previous several Kirby games.  The previous Kirby games had much better install bases and the review scores on this game are nothing exceptional.  This is really starting to become a trend with first party games on the Switch.  They are ALL selling exceptionally well.  I mean at first it started to look like just a game here and a game there, but now it looks like all the Nintendo games on Switch are really selling like crazy.

First there was Zelda.  Ok, most people agree this is much better than previous Zeldas.  Then Mario Kart 8, but we say the Wii U sucked so hard that now it's getting a fair shake.  But also 3D Mario and and Xenoblade Chronicles and now Kirby are all selling better on the Switch than they ever have before (or at least in a very long time).  Now it's not even really about the games themselves, because this phenomenon is happening with every single game

The market is just gobbling up Switch games like there is no tomorrow, and the install base is at best only 17m at this point.  Really I expect every first party game to become the best selling ever at this point:  Donkey Kong Country, Metroid Prime 4, Smash Bros...  I expect them to all sell like crazy.  I don't know why, but the market is on fire for Nintendo first party.