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I didn't. I said:

God of War has always had better gameplay than Uncharted. Some consider the older games button mashers, others call it too easy, and it all really depends on what difficulty setting you play. Play on Easy and Normal and it can be played as a button masher and it is easy and play it on Hard and Very Hard and you have to effectively use combos, strategise which weapon you use against which enemy and time your parries and your rolls. It requires great skill to complete a God of War game on Very Hard and you fully realise the depth of the combat system.

You can't keep doing the same combos on the highest difficulty. You have to be thoughtful when fighting waves of enemies, as there are a lot of enemy mixups. Uncharted is a good TPS game but its got little variety in enemy types apart from the last enemies in Uncharted 2 and 3. The hook does give it some more depth in Uncharted 4 and does the better AI but mechanics wise you can't do the amazing acrobatics like in God of War and God of War 3's weapon system puts it close to Devil May Cry 3's combat, you can juggle endlessly and parry nearly every attack but you need skills for that. Uncharted involves aiming and shooting with a trigger and taking cover, and the act of shooting and taking cover require no complex movesets so the skill ceiling isn't high.

I have plat for ALL GOW on PS3 and I'm just shy of one challenge to plat GoW3 on PS4 and I can tell you I didn't thought it to be hard. And to plat I had to play on the highest difficulties you know right?

Actually the limited moveset and human boundaries of Nate is what makes UC harder than GoW. Because with the right weapon, no ammo management and knowing the combos for each enemy and what sequence of enemies to kill first the game becomes a lot easier than UC and that was my point and you were saying as if UC was awful in almost everything and sounding as easy task while GoW was hard. Maybe for you it was hard or needed a lot of skills, but compared to doing combos on fighting games, combos on GoW1-3, Acension, and PSP Collection was mundane.

1. You don't have to play GOW games on the hardest difficulty to get platinum. You have to do that in Uncharted games to get platinum.

2. Stop being stuck up comparing the difficulties of the 2 series. I didn't say God of War is tougher. Its got more mechanical depth to its combat. Know the difference.

But if so insist on talking of the difficulty, any game could be made tough by cranking up enemy health and damage to 11. God of War in normal and easy mode you can tank tons of hits but on hard mode you can tank relatively fewer hits and very hard you can only tank a few hits, like it is in other games. God of War enemies are the opposite of damage sponges on lower difficulty and just the right amounty of hits on the higher difficulties.

Uncharted the enemies take fair amount of hits on the lower difficulties but on saay Crushing difficulty they can tank a ton of damage and that is the cheap style of difficulty. I'll give it to Naughty Dog that Uncharted does have better AI that will flank you whenever they can and take you out of cover but taking so many shots to kill is not a good way to make it difficult.

3. God of War is no fighting game, where did I say that? I said God of War 3's combat is nearly as deep as Devil May Cry 3's combat because of the endless combos and juggles you can do showing the high skill ceiling of the game.

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