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derpysquirtle64 said:
KBG29 said:
Interesting numbers. Is the drastic drop in PS4 sales down to deciding on no price drop this year? Are they planning to unviel PS5 at PSX? Something else completely? Very interesting forecasting.

On another note, G&NS fell just short of surpassing Financials as the top earner for the company, but should finally take the crown next FY.

Sony Mobile continues to be absolutely worthless, sales continue to fall, and they're back to making losses. This division the worst ran business in the history of the company. They make they have been a year 1 PS3 level disaster for almost a decade now, but instead of having a great product that can actually be turned around, they are just garbage devices running a Non Sony OS, and connected to a Non Sony Store Front. Absolute waste of time, money, resources, talent, patents, and more.

Overall, Sony has really turned things around. Most divisions are making a profit, and some are making quite significant returns. But, man oh man, is there a lot left on the table. If they ever get around to running on a unified front, they are going to do some incredible things. Getting all of their devices running on their own OS and Store, and creating a One Sony experience across every product is the key they are missing. Hope Kenichiro Yoshidia can finally accomplish this.

It is a nice wishful thinking but I still don’t understand how Sony will attract developers to their mobile OS. Even Microsoft with all their resources failed to enter mobile market. I’m almost 100% sure that if they drop android, their mobile division will lose them even more money than they are losing now. Because there won’t be anyone who would buy a phone without apps. 

Sony won't. Apple and google spend far more developing their platforms in a quarter than Sony spends in an entire year. Sony cannot compete with iOS and Android, and it would be a huge waste of money to try.  It's complete nonsense that he continues to push.

In before he chimes in that your car stereo and your playstation should be running the same operating system because reasons.