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It looks really, REALLY crowded on PC, IMO. Looks good on mobile though.

For PC, I think you should increase the spacing between, well, basically everything, by about 10 to 15%. Line spacing in Forum Hot Topics, space between entries in Forum Hot Topics, Latest News, AND the hardware/software charts, the space between each module (IE, between Global Hardware Totals, Weekly Software Charts, Weekly Hardware Charts), and the space between each of the three columns (move left and right columns toward the margins just a touch).

We're talking relatively small adjustments for all of these - again, only about 10-15% - so I think you should be able to do it. Might need to reduce the size of everything a touch to not mess with your resolution configurations I suppose, but I'm confident these tweaks will greatly improve it. As it stands, it just looks way, way too busy and overwhelming.