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shadowii said:
Full translated breifing

thx, i'll have a look at it. First of course, the Switch:

It shows the sell-through of Kirby Star Allies is just above 1M (first diagram on 2nd page) after 5 weeks.

Also Bayonetta 2. It's tracking almost 100k in front of the Wii U version after 9 weeks at ~380k (sold through).

Digital sales have almost doubled (in monetary value, not necessary volume) compared to last year, now at 60.4 billion Yen for the financial year.

Also interesting is that the number of active Splatoon 2 players in Japan is still growing despite it's release being 9 month in the past.

Over 600 games in the eShop already??? It includes regional exclusives but still, that's a huge amount of games after just 13 months!

Stardew Valley close to be a million seller on Switch! And Overcooked over 500k!

Now for 3DS News on this briefing:

Over 1000 games available for the 3DS. That really shows how huge the Switch library already is, having already more than half of what the 3DS has.

Nintendo planning continuing support for the 3DS after 2018. Not sure about 2019 though considering it's sales.

Now for the Smart devices:

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has about an 80% female userbase, mostly adult women.

Super Mario Run still selling steadily

Fire Emblem Heroes now has a mostly non-Japanese userbase, it being released in south-east asia probably also helped to this shift.

New game Dragalia Lost coming in Summer in cooperation with Cygames (an RPG by the looks of it). It  does apparently have a website already, albeit in Japanese as the game will release in the west at a later date only.

Mario Kart Tour coming during this fiscal year worldwide to smart devices.

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