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Faelco said:
o_O.Q said:

ok maybe we could argue that this particular study isn't the best, but come on you can't really seriously be arguing that women are not objectified by men constantly?

First of all, you can get rid of "constantly" and stop saying "men" as if we were all the exact same beasts. Over-generalization makes any argument worthless. 


And then, you can't seriously think that only men objectify women and not the opposite. 


I worked a few months in Japan in a factory with mostly Asian female students part timer (Vietnamese mostly), I was the only European guy there. I can tell you that I felt like a blond and white piece of meat exposed for them to giggle, whistle, watch non-stop and touch anytime they could. I got my arms, pecs and ass more touched than ever. It was so much that I stopped taking elevators, I was tired of the "So much people, it's tight, come here against me!" and other harassment. 


So no, the SJW bullshit about only men being rude to women and never the opposite is just wrong and tiring. Stop being blind about an entire side of the issue, and your opinion will gain value. 

This user is literally an anti-feminist. 

He has told me before about how much he likes Ben Shapiro because he "destroys  those feminazis"

You are just being trolled.