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VAMatt said:
o_O.Q said:

porn turns women's bodies into a commodity to be bought and used at the behest of men... of course its inherently harmful to women 

That's simply not true.  It's a super outdated opinion that is not supported by fact.  

In reality, women consume tons of porn - about 40% of it, last time I checked.  So, your basic premise, that's its men exploiting women,  is just wrong.  Also, saying "of course" doesn't actually serve as evidence.  

You don't get it!


Men are all sexual beasts, always drooling, rock hard and ready to have sex with any hole they see for hours in the most dominant and unromantic positions.


So you see? Porn doesn't objectify men at all, only women. And of course, only men watch it. So porn is a crime against women, but perfect for men...