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PortisheadBiscuit said:
quickrick said:

LOL yea games that i have beaten this gen. bloodborne, MGSV, witcher 3, uncharted 4,  evil with in, and batman. games that i'm getting soon are GOW, nioh, evil with in 2, and resident evil 7. I bought a wiiu on ebay, to catch up on nintendo games, but i'm in colombia, and its hard to focus, when i'm meeting so much woman here lol.

Just curious, cause I never see you talk about actual games on here just sales lol. And curious as to why you'd buy a Wii U instead of a Switch. Are they hard to come by in South America? I did love the Wii U, but it really pales in comparison...mine has been gathering dust for 1 year. 

a bought wiiu to use for emulators, and try wii games and i really only care for mario, and zelda, plus i never played the galaxy series, it's still in the states, i bought over 6 months ago for like 150$.