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pitzy272 said:

I don’t understand MK’s level of popularity. I’ve been wanting to ask people if I was missing something. It doesn’t even have a single player campaign!! Wteff? I was excited to start playing it, but without a campaign, it’s quite boring solo. Played with my buddies a few times and we had fun, but not “sells 20 million units” fun.

If someone has some tips or advice, I’d love that; bc right now, I’m kind of regretting the $60 purchase.

I actually think its one of the most enjoyable single player racers and multi player it is my favorite.  There aren't many multi player racing games anymore.  Mario Kart is very newbie or casual friendly, but can tell when people know what they are doing.

If you don't like racing or battle mode I'm not sure what to tell you, some games aren't for everyone.