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To say I play it a lot is an understatement

Distinct Days Game Access 185
Sport Mode Completed Races 2558 (2563*)
Sport Mode Performances 46,313 (in the Top 1%)
Sport Mode Sportmanship (SR)99/99
Sport Mode Wins 242
Sport Mode Consecutive Clean Races 16
Sport Mode Pole Position 172
Sport Mode Fastest Laps 185
Campaign School 100 %
Campaign Circuit 100 %
Campaign Mission 100 %
Car(s) 382
Car(s) bought 165
Credits earned 198,511,970
Mi earned 647,641
Xp Level50 | 100% (651257 pts)
Distance driven 118,229.904 Km
Time driven 30 days, 1 hours, 27 min and 41 s.
Profile iD1495257 (Link to Official)
Followers 66

Sport mode really is the star of the game though. It's well worth getting ps+ for. I've been playing sport mode races every night since release.

The offline content is beefy with the added GT League events. The AI isn't bad yet once you've raced well matched human players you don't want to go back. I have not played the added GT League events since reaching level 50, Sport mode is much more fun. Offline it's still the same handicap yourself to get a challenge, while anything but a win feels a waste of time. Online it's the opposite, it doesn't take long before the ranking system puts you with competitive players and a close 6 lap battle for 12th place is hundred times better than winning race after race against the AI. 

VR is a nice addition yet since there's only time trial I don't play it much.

There are plenty cars and more are added each month including a new track or new variation. It handles great with a DS4 (I don't have a wheel), most fun to drive of all the racing games I have played including previous GT games.

Oh and it looks amazing in 4K HDR, runs perfectly. GT4 was fun yet the screen tearing and dropping to half vertical resolution didn't do it any favors. GT6 remains king for content for now yet the online servers were shut down about a month ago. Tons of content there anyway.

I'll keep playing Sport mode as long as the race combinations remain fun, plenty to race online with all the different car groups.