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Hynad said:
CrazyGamer2017 said: 

Also about the life span of a hardware with vapor cooling I would imagine that if Sony would choose to implement such cooling that they would work the system so that the life span of the console would not be reduced significantly. The Xbox One X has vapor cooling implemented and I haven't heard anywhere that the console dies after a short time.

Probably because... let me take a wild guess here ( ), the console hasn't been out for a year yet? Would be quite "remarkable" if it had a fail rate problem this soon into its lifespan. 

Ok, so how soon is it supposed to start failing because of this vapor cooling system? And if vapor cooling is such a lifespan killer, how come nobody is discussing this issue anywhere? I heard a million things about the Xbox One X but nothing so far about the machine dying sooner than normal due to the vapor cooling implementation.