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John2290 said:

Note: Please use spoiler tag for spoilers.

I love these hyperbolic statements going round that God of war is the GoTG and all of that, love seeing people excited to that point. However I think it's getting harder and harder to see a clear GoTG that isn't based on opinion. One thing however that can be said in GoW favour beyond the fact that the game is an incredible masterpiece in almost all aspects, is quality all the way through and still manages to evoke a feeling of progression and gaining more power as any good GoW game should and has little to few technical issues something very few games achieve these days. Besides that...

I'm not done with GoW so I can't comment on the overall quality of sidequests (although I'll say I freaking loved freeing the dragon) but I just want to chime in here because of the bolded statement. There's no such thing as a Game of the Generation that isn't based on opinion. People like different things and high points for a category will mean everything to some and mean nothing to others.

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