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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Errorist76 said:

Liquid isn’t sensible cost wise, neither is an SSD as standard. 

Vapour chamber makes sense and no one stops out to put an SSD in your PS4/PS5.

Doesn't the Xbox One X have liquid cooling?

Also if a Vapor chamber would mean no more fan noise, I'm totally good with it.

And SSD has been around for a few years and there is still a couple years before the PS5 release so it stands to reason to believe that by then SSD memory should be cheaper. Personally I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a PS5 that comes equipped with SSD memory.

No, the X1X has a vapour chamber. That’s not liquid cooling.

Most games will be 100GB upwards in the future. SSDs will be way too expensive for most and as said before, no one keeps you from upgrading it yourself.