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Miyamotoo said:

Specs without any doubts are telling us that Switch even in portable mode is more stronger than Wii U. Point that this games runs at 648p in portable mode compared to 720p on Wii U dont mean nothing (esapcily beacuse MK8D that definatly look more demanding is 720p in portable mode), DF in Resetera thread said that's possible that Nintendo done that to increase battery life for game. Also onother strange example is Bayonetta on Switch, it runs at 720p in portable and docked mode, and offocurse that Switch in docked mode could run Bayonetta at higher resolution.

Of course the Switch is faster in the vast portions of many games compared to the WII U (just about everybody acknowledges it) but you can't say that it means NOTHING in a conclusion when we have sources like Digital Foundry to brief us on the specifics when they conduct these comparisons ...