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fatslob-:O said:
Pemalite said:

Most certainly.

Actually, if we're to take this game as a benchmark for Switch's undocked mode then it's regression from the WII U performance wise ?! 

I specifically heard that DF mentioned that it was running a resolution of 648p undocked compared to the original release on WII U at 720p resolution ?! 

Specs without any doubts are telling us that Switch even in portable mode is more stronger than Wii U. Point that this games runs at 648p in portable mode compared to 720p on Wii U dont mean nothing (esapcily beacuse MK8D that definatly look more demanding is 720p in portable mode), DF in Resetera thread said that's possible that Nintendo done that to increase battery life for game. Also onother strange example is Bayonetta on Switch, it runs at 720p in portable and docked mode, and offocurse that Switch in docked mode could run Bayonetta at higher resolution.


AlfredoTurkey said: 
So, it's basically the same game I own but slightly sharper and slightly faster to load.

Well 1080p vs 720p is not small difference, and loading times are much faster not slightly, and you get full handheld mode, but this game of first place aims people that didn had Wii U (so we talking about huge majority of Switch owners).



Azzanation said: 
Any rumours of the Wii DKC game coming to Switch or just Tropico Freeze?

No, we dont have any indications that DKC will come to Switch, maybe Nintendo will offer it over VC.