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Mar1217 said:
World at War was the only game to depict realistically the horribleness of WW2.

Yeah I was gonna say pretty much the same thing, I'm replaying it now and it's nasty, unglorified portrayal of war as a hellish struggle just to survive gives it a lot more depth than its more action-movie-esque stablemates. It also doesn't get as carried away in over-the-top setpieces as later entries.

All that said, I think Black Ops II takes the #2 spot for me; though it's a much shallower game thematically, it's the only COD game I'd say actually has a good story, the branching narrative paths were a nice touch, and the near-future tech struck an admirable balance of being cool but still relatively grounded. Plus it was a sweet novelty to be able to play a COD game with both motion controls and pretty graphics. XD

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