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Azuren said:
Ljink96 said: doesn't though. Not in the way that we'd like to think. And Nintendo didn't have to spend money on lawyers to fight it, they sent CND notices to outlets and if they didn't comply, they'd be sued. Most if not all complied. There are people who will not buy a console unless they can hack it, and people who have no intention of purchasing software and wait for it to be hacked. They were never software consumers for Nintendo. Hackers are gonna hack, pirates are going to pirate. There's nothing you can really do about it, especially in this case where it's a hardware level exploit. No sense in worrying about it. Nintendo has revisions upcoming and hopefully that will soothe their minds but people who have made up their minds, there's nothing you can do. 

Nintendo stopped R4 card sales but you can still buy them, you can still download roms of games online, as long as there's software and hardware, it's going to be hacked. If anything this gets more Switches out in the wild from the influx of people wanting to hack it. It's kind of wrong in a sense, buying a console just to pirate software but if the console couldn't be hacked at all that's not even a hardware sale for Nintendo. There's no way to predict everyone's intentions when they hack a console but generally, for hardware sales it works out. Take PSP for example. 

And no, there will NOT be an R4 esque lawsuit because this is a hardware level thing. There is nothing being sold to be able to hack the device. You can do this yourself or with a 3D printed piece that's online already. Nintendo sued R4 outlets because they were selling hardware that could be used to infringe upon their IP, that's not the case this time around. Don't get you knickers in a bunch about this one, just let it play out like it always has. Saves you a bunch of grief. If anything Nintendo should be waving their fists angrily at Nvidia for not acknowledging the exploit. 

Nintendo spent money to run a campaign (backed by numerous developers) to legally ban R4. And there are things you can do about pirates: you can just not be one, and you can report it where you see it.


You can only buy R4 in certain regions, and it is banned in several regions. And money made on consoles isn't made on the console itself, it's made from licensing rights on games sold for that platform. Sure, they got the $50-something dollars from selling the unit, but that unit was supposed to carry with it a certain number of game sales. And when it doesn't, that drops their GP%, giving an impression of Switch gamers not actually buying games and contributing to the idea of not developing games for it. It's currently a ludicrous thought, but enough piracy will drive down the desire of producers to fund games on the platform. Everyone loses in piracy. And PSP is actually a great example: it has the third lowest tracked attach ratio on VGChartz.


And yeah, there probably won't be one like R4. If we see one, it'll be more akin to what Sony did to the guy that cracked the PS3. As far as "getting my knickers in a bunch", having a platform like the Switch cracked in this way is only a bad thing. Piracy is only months away from running rampant on the first thing Nintendo has found to work  really well since 2007.


Also, are you not going to defend the "wasn't going to buy it anyway" rhetoric? Or do you already know it's bogus?

lol, why would I claim my claim is bogus when you don't have any research that proves against it? Being able to hack hardware increases hardware sales but of course, it often means they're not going to buy the software. Just like with PSP, it blew up once it was found that you could hack it, not because consumers were foaming at the mouth to buy PSP software. They're not software consumers that would have benefited Nintendo's bottom line. 

Developing on any hardware is a gamble, you go in knowing at any time the platform could be hacked. Hell, PC developers have to live with this reality every day, it doesn't stop them from releasing games. There are people who will buy the game and those who won't or can't, you can't change their mind, we're not the Nintendo Super Sentai Power Cops, we can't enforce those consumers to do anything. There is a huge subset of gamers that won't purchase even 1 game, but if they can pirate it and they have the desire to pirate it, they most likely weren't going to buy it or aren't loyal customers to the hardware manufacturer. 

Piracy hasn't ruined Nintendo in the past, 3rd party developers still develop on Nintendo hardware, hacked or not. PS4 has been hacked, doesn't mean developers are going to stop developing games on it, it's  a hugely successful platform with tons of customers willing to pay for their games. Using that "Developers are scared" thing is bogus, they've had to deal with this for decades, it's nothing new. And really, reporting pirates? These people aren't running a torrent site, they're pirates who play free games. How are you going to report them? Ask them if they're playing a pirated version of Mario Odyssey and if they say yes, then call the cops? Again, you waste your time trying to stop or protest pirating or hacking, it is going to happen.All you can do is not be one and mind your own business, hypothetically speaking. 

And yeah, the Wii was hacked and people were pirating games...still Nintendo saw record software sales, same with the DS. And again, no, Nintendo won't do what they did to the "PS3 guy" because this is a hardware level hack! It's nobody's fault but Nintendo and Nvidia's They can take down rom hosting sites, but not people who want to void their own warranty by messing around with pins in the Joycon. 

Last edited by Ljink96 - on 24 April 2018