I was expecting a consoles war over GOW vs Sea of Thieves or something but I wasn't expecting one between different studios of Sony

But seriously, The Last of Us does not start slow, it has a powerful story that needed an introduction. In order to understand the Joel character it was necessary to see his past and the time when his daughter died. Video games are more than just shooting targets to get a score you know?

As for the rest, I will not argue which game or studio is better. GOW scored very high so I can totally understand that you may like it better. I think they are both masterpieces and belittling one over the other seems to me like missing the point.

2001 A Spacey Odyssey is a masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick, Schindler's List is a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg. So assuming that you like Schindler's List better cause it's the story of something that really happened, would mean that 2001 is no longer worthy of the name "masterpiece"?