This is an opinion piece. Feel free to disagree. Make concrete arguments if you do, don't just say your name is GOW so you're going to support God of war and don't just say you're wrong. Make claims if you feel Naughty Dog does it better and discuss my points but don't just say they're wrong, doesn't help your side.

God of War always had gameplay far ahead of anything Naughty Dog has made since the 1st Uncharted game. They were cinematic experiences that often wrestled player control away because of those cinematics. The writing was intentionally wacky, and it was good but not really as special as it was made out to be. The characters were stereotypical character portrayals associated with the kind of stories Uncharted told and they were intended to be so, but no character felt real as a result. The shooting felt good but there wasn't a lot of depth to it but it was fun. Enemy variety was lacking. The hand to hand combat was awful. The climbing was awful. The set pieces were good but Nathan Drake always just managing to catch a ledge got old after a while. The boss fights were awful. The games were really slow for the first 3 hours in an 11 hour game. These games got praised to high heavens for reasons I don't know as they aren't what they are made out to be. I've played a lot of contemporary games I felt were better but didn't get the recognition they deserved.

The Last of Us is better but many of my complaints remain. The game starts off really slow. It shares many of the mechanics, good and bad. The story and script are better though but the stealth is meh. The infected are zombies but not called zombies. The relationship of Ellie and Joel is the best thing in the game and it is well developed. I loved the characterisation here.

God of War has always had better gameplay than Uncharted. Some consider the older games button mashers, others call it too easy, and it all really depends on what difficulty setting you play. Play on Easy and Normal and it can be played as a button masher and it is easy and play it on Hard and Very Hard and you have to effectively use combos, strategise which weapon you use against which enemy and time your parries and your rolls. It requires great skill to complete a God of War game on Very Hard and you fully realise the depth of the combat system. God of War 3's combat system is wonderfully deep with its 4 weapons, all switchable by pressing L1 and X in the middle of combos resulting potential endless juggling and combos not unlike Devil May Cry 3. The puzzles in these games are great and don't give you the solution like they do in the Uncharted games. The games are epic and the boss fights far better than anything Naughty Dog could dream of doing. The platforming is better than Uncharted albeit still not great. The story is deep though its depth passes over the heads of most who don't pay attention to all the details.

God of War on PS4 is an amalgamation of God of War of the old and Naughty Dog's style of presentation of the story and it is abundantly visible that Sony Santa Monica has surpassed Naughty Dog at their own style of cinematics and presentation as the story of Kratos and Atreus is more intriguing and better developed all in a single shot. The gameplay retains its depth. The climbing is similarly awful to the Uncharted games. The puzzles are better than even some of the other God of Wars and all the Uncharted games. The game doesn't have as much walking sections. The game is way longer than any Uncharted. The design of the world is fabulous and its interconnected style is like Batman Arkham games. Naughty Dog is beaten. Their style of games is no longer theirs. Sony Santa Monica has taken the reigns and TLOU 2 is unlikely to take it back if Naughty Dog doesn't vastly make their gameplay deep.

Last edited by GOWTLOZ - on 27 April 2018