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flashfire926 said:
DonFerrari said:

2 - You don't care because it didn't fit to your point anymore.

5 - All your points were your opinion, so?

2- The article is talking abou NOW, everyone else is talking about NOW, I am talking about NOW. You want to include the past? Fine, then PSN loses by default because it got hacked numerous times, including a 6-week period in 2011, where people's indentities and credit cards were at huge risk. If we talk about the Past, the gap only gets bigger in favour of xbox.

5- are you saying backwards compatibility is an opinion? It exists, and that's a fact. Same with game pass, digital returns, and whatnot.

2- yes, but my initial answer to you was about historic and you just ignored it and then backpedal

5 - the relevance is opinion and the other points you put as strengths were also opinion. If you want to dismiss opinions then don't ask to not be called out.

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