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flashfire926 said:
DonFerrari said:

2 - Did you purposely ignored the "over all the years" on my original comment?

5 - If a list of 10 items is weaker than 1 single item against it them it is a rather dull exercise.

2- I don't care what you're talking about. I'm talking about what happening right NOW.

5- that's your opinion.

2 - You don't care because it didn't fit to your point anymore.

5 - All your points were your opinion, so?

Pemalite said:
hudsoniscool said:
2) IMHO Xbox live is vastly superior than psn in almost every way imaginable at this point. I’ve used both plenty and it’s just an opinion. I spend most of my time doing online stuff so this is a big one.

It technically is superior to the Playstation Network.
Microsoft not only has more servers available thanks to Azure... But, they also spend more on bandwidth and have more peering arrangements with various CDN's.
Some providers in Australia will also capture the Xbox data traveling down PIPE (Using extremely expensive equipment) and push it onto their own CDN very early, which has ridiculous amounts of bandwidth and super low latency.

hudsoniscool said:
3) halo.... it’s actually 3 games currently mcc,halo 5, and hw2.

Master Chief Collection was and still is a buggy mess.
Halo Wars 2 isn't exclusive.
Halo 5 is probably the worst Halo mainline game yet.

Hoping the franchise gets back on track with Halo 6... But, Halo hasn't got the same luster as it once did during the Halo 3/Reach era that's for sure, it needs a good solid reboot, it worked for Call of Duty WW2 and Battlefield.

DonFerrari said:

In Brazil it is common for PC games to launch about 140-160 (local currency) versus console at 250... Sony published are 200 which is a plus on console gaming. 

That is a significant discrepancy all things considered.

CartBlanche said:

If backwards compatibility and biggest library of old games that still run as well as multi-platform games is ALL you care about, then you might as well just get a PC!! With MAME and every other known emulator you can play PC games from 40 years ago, as well as Consoles games too, all on your PC. You don't need an Xbox One for that.

If you already own the games on Xbox, it doesn't make sense to ignore that library and purchase them again on PC.
That is the big advantage on offer here from Xbox.

Yep, and I'm kinda grateful for Sony to keep their published titles cheaper than the third parties in Brazil and competition (won't include Nintendo because their lack of representation makes several of their games to retail over 300), at the time conversion rate was at about 4:1 we were getting games "cheaper" than USA since the 200 was already with all taxes.

The price of the PC games may have changed since I don't follow it closely, but several of the titles I plan on getting my friend usually talks about them very near launch at obscene low prices on PC version.

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