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OhNoYouDont said:
o_O.Q said:

"It's a resoundingly debunked idea"

the notion that media has an impact on our behavior has been debunked? can you post some evidence of that?


"Were rape normalized as is your claim, then the language would make no impact."

behavior is what is being studied here... not language

the fact that they admit that they would coerce women into having sex with them is the problematic aspect of this study, not whether they responded differently based on the language

its kind of gross that you missed that point btw


"As to technologies which do not produce waste, you've apparently never heard of green technologies which is quite frankly shocking."

lmao green technologies do not produce waste?

ok narrow this down to one type and lets have a crack at this lol


"which is fundamentally incorrect as any waste would be a byproduct and thus extrinsic."

lmao we've been through this before and i can't believe that i apparently have to again

waste is a part of the essential nature of technology, meaning that its intrinsic to technology

maybe with green technology you'll finally be able to prove me wrong so name one type and we'll see what happens lol

Read my post again. You seem to have not read any of it or maybe didn't understand any of it. Either way, none of this warrants a reply.

lol ok