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flashfire926 said:
DonFerrari said:

2 - Netflix behind a paywall doesn't compare to cloud saves (that you can just use, I don't know, a SD card or HDD)?

5 - If it pales them you wouldn't list it. You would be defending PS4 against X1 instead. Still before X1X launching were you defending PS4 as the strongest or criticizing lack of power on X1?


That is because you decided to ask for the last 30 days after he gave you the link for some recent releases.

2: Netflix is not behind the paywall. That requirement was taken out in 2014.

5: it is an advantage, so why would I not list it? I again I never defended the the base X1's lack of power. I still think it's underpowered.

2 - Did you purposely ignored the "over all the years" on my original comment?

5 - If a list of 10 items is weaker than 1 single item against it them it is a rather dull exercise.

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