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DonFerrari said:
reviniente said:

If the Xbox One had no exclusives, you would have a point. But alas, it does. Then you have all those PS4 players that chose GTAV over many exclusives. What are the odds RDR2 will outsell GoW on PS4? Guess they would rather have the hot-dog over the hamburger, instead. Your logic needs work.

Your logic is the one that needs work... because RDR2 and GoW will sell great on PS4, while RDR2 will sell great on X1 (but less than PS4) with SoT not doing anywhere near GoW sales.

That is the point people are saying, on PS4 you get what X1 has plus the exclusives. You simply get more.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Actually I am still waiting for someone to show me one example from the past 30 days.  I somewhat expect there to be an example out there, since I'm not saying they are the same price 100% of the time.  I just find it funny that people are willing to argue so much while providing zero authentic evidence.

You are making it every time more restrictive right? You next you are going to ask for an example of this week? Pemalite already gave you some examples.

hudsoniscool said:

I’ll take those features any day. Would I love to play uncharted 4, horizon, last of us, and god of war. Of course I would but even if I did own a ps4 90% of my purchases would be muliplat games still so the question that I ask myself is. Do I want all those features + the best looking and playing version of muliplats or do I want to have those extra 10% of games. For me the choice is Xbox. I think people should respect that as I respect other people’s right to choose first party over all that. 

Ps my favorite game series of all time is halo so that helps sway me towards Xbox from the get go.

And when X1X didn't exist and PS4 (and after PS4Pro) had the best version of MP, and you didn't even had many X1 exclusives, you choose X1 and that is because of as you said Halo... which just again validate the claim that exclusives matters. A single Halo for you trumps all the exclusives you listed for PS4 and that is fine.

flashfire926 said:

Between me and you, my first choice is Xbox too. Mainly because of the Forza Series. and being able to carry over most of my 360 library (to the point where my 360 is almost useless now). Game Pass is just a great added bonus.

As for the last statement I made, I was talking about about the general consensus and not myself.

So it would be just Forza series, since BC was something added mid gen.



flashfire926 said:

1: Really? Can you link me to their policy please.

2: yeah, but on Xbox you don't have to pay for live to get cloud saves. Hence why I said "free".

3: okay fine, this one is more a matter of opinion, I'll give you that (although it's undeniable that analog stick placement on Xbox is better for everything that isn't a fighter or 2d platformer)

4: ps4 fans vary a lot, whereas Xbox is way more consistent. My friend has a jet engine variant

5: so what if it's a 100 bucks more? It's a high end console for enthusiasts. This isn't the base variant. 

6: live is down way less often than ps2 is. I'll get back to you once I've gathered the evidence.

2 - Do you really want to see all that MS have locked behind Gold over the years?

3 - It's totally deniable, a lot of users will say they had no issues and prefer PS layout while others will prefer X1.

5 - And where were you before the midgen update? Where you defending PS4 as the strongest and saying one should own it?

6 - Yes, I'm pretty sure PS2 network is down a lot.

2: none of which even compares to the importance of cloud saves.

3: okay fine, I'll give this one to you.

5: where was I defending anything? Go back and read the last sentence of my first post: "but all this pales in comparison to exclusives"

6: you know what's i meant

Again, about the forza thing, I got my Xbone in 2016, after bc was announced. And because I wasn't very easily willing to leave my gamer score behind.

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