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hudsoniscool said:
Actually DonFerrari i chose Xbox one over ps4 for 3 reasons, and not just 1 game as u put it. 1st) all the features it has that ps4 doesn’t or the features it does better.2) IMHO Xbox live is vastly superior than psn in almost every way imaginable at this point. I’ve used both plenty and it’s just an opinion. I spend most of my time doing online stuff so this is a big one.3) halo.... it’s actually 3 games currently mcc,halo 5, and hw2.

1) At the start of the gen if I'm not wrong most of the features X1 have didn't exist on it, where you a late adopter?

2) No problem, a lot prefer XBL

3) Could be 20 Halos, won't even discount one being a collection and another a different genre.

Case in point and I wasn't even criticizing you, because I would chose PS4 even if only for GT, just saying that doesn't matter the size of the list of MPs and you saying you play 90% of your time MPs, you yourself said that Halo would already sway you to Xbox, no need to backtrack.

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