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xwar88x said:
Veknoid_Outcast said:

I actually agree. Almost everything is better on Xbox (compared to PS4) except the most important thing: the games.

The UI is better, the controller is better, the online subscription package is better, the BC is far better. But games trump all, and that's why Xbox One is inferior to PS4.

The xbox one is terrible I bought a one s to play with a few mates and games randomly close down/crash, All my mates experience this! the free games every month you don't get to keep where as on ps you do so how is the online subscription package better? I do like the xbox controller but thats about it, I can see myself selling this for the switch very soon.

The xbox may be the most powerful but clearly they don't know how to make use of the xbox one x power. Just look at god of war! it's easily the best looking game ever made, you need to have talent on your side to make use of the one x power and to produce amazing graphics along with games. Even digital foundry done a comparisons with gt sport and forza 7 and gt sport is the better looking more detailed game.

Then there's the player base, ps4 are always pretty much double the amount with each game bought compared to xbox so multiplayer games are going to die on xbox much quicker and not be as active.

The xbox one x isn't a huge leap over the ps4 pro, the xbox one x is only going to be a bit sharper in games with it hitting near the 4k mark compared to the ps but it's nothing special. If the specs are right about the ps5 then we really will see a powerhouse console, the bad thing about the pro and one x is that it's gpu limited due to the poor cpu. The ps5 is looking to be  much more balance hardware wise and the cpu and gpu will work amazingly well together and will be very powerful also,. The ps5 will be insane.

Again, there's some misinformation.

On Xbox One, the only games you get to keep are the freeXbox 360 titles.


On PS+, when your subscription runs out, you don't keep ANYTHING.


Both consoles have amazing sales all the time and you do (obviously) get to keep any games you purchased at discounted prices.l

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