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Burning Typhoon said:

I do this a lot.  I figured I'd ask about it, and see if I'm the only one.  But, for various reasons, I rebuy the same game.  No, I'm not talking about remakes, or hd re-releases.

I mean, on release. I bought both physical and digital versions of Street Fighter V on PS4, and a 3rd time digital for PC.  I've bought GTAV on PS3, PS4, and PC.  I've pre-ordered Tekken 7 on PC and PS4.  I've... bought puyo puyo tetris on PS4, PSVita, Nintendo Switch, and I'm just now remembering I most recently bought it on Steam.  However, to my defense, I never expected the game to release outside of japan, and I wanted to play it on the go.

Is anyone else doing this?  Or, am I just crazy?

You are just crazy, at least financially speaking.

I couldn't pay 60 bucks for a game once, let alone buying several times the same game.

You could buy other games with the money you spend buying the same game again. What you do makes no sense financially speaking. For your own good you shouldn't do it anymore.

EDIT: When I read some comments on this thread I come to the conclusion that some of you guys have a spending addiction.


think-man said:
I have 4 copies of Final Fantasy XV.... All on PS4 hahaha.

For the love of God WHY?

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