PortisheadBiscuit said:
quickrick said:

Make your NPD hardware predictions for the full year, as well as WW sales for the full year.


PS4: 5760K
NSW: 5000K
XB1: 4080K


sold through

PS4 21 million 

NSW  14 million 

XBOX 9 million

Lol, you're hilarious. Switch flat YOY losing 1:2 WW to ps4 with Smash, Animal Crossing and possibly Pokemon? Not to mention no stock issues. Lolol, I'd expect nothing else from you quickrick. 


Anyhoo, I'll go:

PS4 20M

NS 18M

XB1 10M

3DS 3M

How much do you think Switch would sell in The US? Last year US sales made up 37% of Switch sales and if the switch sells 18m US sales would be around 6.6m but the Switch is tracking behind the PS4 in the US and the PS4 is tracking behind the PS4 in 2017 so i think its reasonable to thing Switch could sell 14m.