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the-pi-guy said:

No one likes rape.  Conservatives don't like it.  Liberals don't like it.  

The problem is that people don't understand how rape happens, or even exactly what it is. 

Why people don't know what rape is:

There's a lot of instances where it's really hard to say what consent is.  If two drunk people have sex together, legally they are not in their right mind.  Legally they might not be able to consent.  Does that mean that they raped each other?  Does that mean that one raped the other?  Just based off those details, it's hard to say what the right answer is.  Maybe one of them drunkenly shoved the other into having sex, maybe it was consensual because they both agreed to it.  

There's also instances where someone is manipulated into having sex.  Or even blackmailed or something else.  

There's also a misunderstanding about why people dress up the way they do.  "Well, she dressed up sexily because she was looking for sex.  So clearly it was consensual."  Even though that's not how that works.  


People don't always understand how rape happens: 

Rape isn't always a kidnapping and being shoved against the bed. Sometimes it's a lady sleeping at a lifelong friend's house, and they creep into their room and stick their penis inside them while they're sleeping.

Sometimes, it's done by the "nice guy" who is taking her home one night after drinking (but actually being drugged), and takes advantage of the situation.  

Sometimes, it's being manipulated by someone.


Do we have a rape culture because people don't care about it?  No, but we do because people make excuses about what it is.  

I feel like you started out strong, but then gave three clear examples of rape under the pretense of being part of the grey area of rape.

Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda!!!!