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With Persona 5 being the biggest success Atlus has had in years by quite a margain, it's easy to assume it's going to have a ton of influence on the company's projects going forward. They are already in the process of hitting the iron while it's still hot, with dance spinoffs of P5 and P3, and Persona Q2 for the 3DS, and I'm willing to bet other projects as well. But how is it going to affect the main SMT line?

After all, Persona games are a bright and colourful spinoff of the usually more dark and gritty Shin Megami Tensei games. They, however, are not near as popular as their happy counterpart, so there's a chance SMT games will start getting more and more traits from Persona games, and in particular P5.

What do you think? Will SMT V be greatly influenced by Persona 5, or will Atlus keep the series' tone at the cost of alienating those new Persona fans?

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