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o_O.Q said:

arguably some of the most popular musical artists like eminem, 50 cent, etc are known for lyrics that promote violence against women

"You and your husband have a fight

One of you tries to grab a knife
And during the struggle he accidentally gets his Adams apple sliced
And while this is goin' on
His son just woke up and he just walks in
She panics and he gets his throat cut
(Oh my God!)
So now they both dead and you slash your own throat
So now it's double homicide and suicide with no note
I should have known better when you started to act weird
We could've, hey! where you going? get back here!
You can't run from me Kim
It's just us, nobody else!
You're only making this harder on yourself
Ha! ha! got you!
Ha! go ahead yell!
Here I'll scream with you!
Ah somebody help!
Don't you get it bitch, no one can hear you?
Now shut the fuck up and get what's comin' to you
You were supposed to love me
Now bleed! bitch bleed!
Bleed! bitch bleed! bleed!
So long, bitch you did me so wrong
I don't want to go on
Living in this world without you"

Dude...those lyrics are the exact opposite of promoting violence against women. The point is to bring attention to that problem, not glorify it. Seriously, only extreme bias will make you not able to see this.